How to integrate an Elementor form with Sendinblue

October 21, 2023 By luedh

Company web hosting How to activate the SSL certificate in WordPress There is a way to force all content to load under HTTPS by adding a directive to the .  Disadvantages: Although it is a scalable system, it requires your time to offer the training, so it is not 100% passive income. If you set up the platform on your own website, you will not have to pay commissions on external platforms. You can share documentation of your training directly on the platform without manual work. #7. How to make money on your website through an online directoryhtaccess , How to integrate but here I am going to tell you how to do it in a simpler way and for non-advanc users and it is thanks to the Really Simple SSL plugin . To do so, you just have to follow these steps: Enter your WordPress. Go to Plugins . Click Add New. Type Really Simple SSL in the search engine. Install it and activate it.

Common mistakes

 And that’s it, once activat, the plugin itself will take care of having an SSL certificate activat in your company data WordPress. Easy, right?  when installing SSL in WordPress Sometimes forcing WordPress to use HTTPS, either through code or plugins, can cause conflict . These are two very common cases: 1. Some items load as HTTP, instead of HTTPS It is very typical that once HTTPS is activat on the web, some files, such as images , are not load properly and have to be “forc” to do so, otherwise it will give us a privacy error in the browser.

Loading of these files

Although the rest of the the website is fine. Although you can also force the  under HTTPS using . How to integrate htaccess , as I told USA B2B List you above, we are also going to do it with a plugin, which is faster and easier. The Really Simple SSL plugin itself can scan your website for files that are not uploading over HTTPS and fix it. To use this feature, go to the Settings › SSL tab and make sure you have “Mix content correction” enabl . 2. Cache plugin may conflict If.