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Today, the best hostings on the market will offer you the option of installing your Learnings and WordPress website in 3 clicks, already with the SSL certificate install and activat by default. This will make your task much easier, because in a few steps, your website will be ready in this sense. Steps to install and activate an SSL certificate To show you how to activate an SSL certificate on a website, I am going to take Webempresa hosting as an example , one of the ones I recommend you use in this post.

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In other hostings such as Raiola or Lucushost , the process is similar, so you should not have any executive data further complications. Tip: Before doing anything, make a  website. Almost all quality hosting will offer you the possibility of installing the free Let’s Encrypt plugin , which is totally valid for what we are going to ne: Open your customer panel in the hosting. Go to Hosting > Certificates > Manage Certificates. Enter the domain you want to modify and click “Enable AutoSSL”.

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And ready! It couldn’t be easier! Now you just have to. Allow about 15-30 minutes Learnings and for the process to run. Once it does, you can use USA B2B List the option to “Convert WordPress installations to HTTPS” , on the same Hosting > Certificates page . So you won’t have to do anything else and your. Website will now run under HTTPS with the certificate correctly install. Now you can install your new WordPress (if you have not done so already) and select. The  web hosting How to activate the SSL certificate in WordPress.

Once you have the system set up, users will have access to your classes and the rest of the content you want to give, as if it were a normal academy, but through videoconferences. Advantages: It is a scalable system. Unlike a physical academy, being online, users from anywhere in the world can sign up for your classes. You can offer several fix hours a day for your classes, having the rest of the time for yourself.

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