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March 1, 2023 By luedh

To well from them So you’ll first ne to pinpoint. Either your direct competitors, or general interest accounts with a shar target audience, or both. We usually start with any direct competitors you can find. But if they don’t have social mia accounts, you can move to indirect. Competitors and general interest accounts And by general interest accounts, here’s what we mean. Let’s say, for e ample, you sell chess boards, you might find an account call. Chess Lovers Club or something They’re not a competitor in the sense  but they. Likely have an audience that would be interest in what you.

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Sell So once you ve pinpoint accounts to study. take inventory on what they’re posting, the ads they’re running if any , how they engage with their audience in the comments or on. Stories, what their bios look like, and anything else worth noting. You then want to compare this information with the info you gather in step of this social mia advertising Northeast Mobile Phone Number List tutorial about what you’re currently doing. Any glaring discrepancies Anything you’re doing better at them or more importantly, worse than them. You’re looking for any clear takeaways on what you can do differently to better relate to your.

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Target audience on social mia As well as to strengthen. Your social mia presence And here’s a pro tip for you you can spy on your competitors’ ads by looking at their. Facebook page Here’s what to do Instagram ad costs Go to their page, and scroll down to the Page. Transparency section Click see all, and scroll down to Ads from this page, and it will tell you if they’re running. Facebook ads or not If they are, then click. Ad Library and you can scroll through to see USA B2B List all the ads they’re running And you can see from the little grey icons if they’re running the ad on Instagram as well.