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March 1, 2023 By luedh

Think about what they’re asking you. Looking back at this screenshot of a messenger conversation one of our clients said they had with a scammer. The scammer was telling them they would produce articles and video posts a day for them and the scammers would pay them a week. So they’re offering to perform a service for you, where you don’t pay them, but instead, they pay you a week. Does that make sense Of course not If it sounds too good to be true, it most likely is. But this is one of the most common scams we’ve seen going around because what happens is the scammer says okay.

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Well we need access to your page in order to run the ads. And as soon as they get access, they remove your access to your business page. Think about the legitimacy of their process. Are they offering to do an entire business transaction with you over messenger. Or via email If so, that’s sketchy. In a normal transaction where you as a business Austria Phone Numbers List owner are partnering with another business to run your ads or any kind of service really you would be getting on the phone with them at least once, you would’ve signed a contract with them, etc. If they’re trying to rush things and hurriedly complete the transaction to.

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Get to the point of gaining access to your page or account all over email or messenger It’s a scam. So hopefully those tips will help prevent you from getting mixed up with scammers in the future. Speaking of messenger, here’s our post on messenger ads that you might want to check out next. Now let’s talk about what to do if your page gets hacked or if you lose access to it for any other reason and how to do recovery for your page admin USA B2B List access. But first, here’s our new social media ads training course that you can check out next to master the art of social advertising.