Unravel Opportunities with Product Industry Email Lists

October 18, 2023 By luedh

As I have already told you above, I am going to Unravel Opportunities. Launch a niche about massages live on my channel. Which I think has interesting potential and that if it goes. Well it could easily generate a salary in itself. The project is going to be called casadelmasaje.  You can imagine from the domain name, it is not going to be a cheap, cheap micro-niche. It is going to be a very powerful niche with which I am going to work on branding and the aesthetic aspect to the fullest ( I published a course on the latter in SEOWarriors ). And why the world of massages? Very easy. Because I think it is a sector that is not too exploited and has brutal economic potential.

Interesting potential Unravel Opportunities and that if it goes

I’ll explain… The 3 types of Amazon category email list Affiliate niches that you should know Knowing the types of websites you can work on will bring you closer to understanding them and, therefore, to being successful with them: Microniches : they attack a very specific product in a super vertical way with the advantage that they require less investment and position themselves faster, but with a more limited economic potential. Ideal for those starting out. Meganichos : they attack absolutely everything, they are a monstrosity of projects that require an awful lot of resources (economic and human) to carry out.

Ideal for people with a lot of experience

But can generate several thousand USA B2B List euros. Ideal for people with a lot of experience, equipment and investment capacity. Thematic niches : they attack all products of a certain theme or sector (babies, gardening,…). In my case, massages. They are super interesting because they have much more potential than a micro-niche without reaching the level of complexity of a mega-niche. Ideal for people with experience and a certain investment capacity (as is my case). I had been wanting to tackle a more ambitious project for Amazon Affiliates for a while, but I never saw the opportunity .