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October 18, 2023 By luedh

I had just lost over 50% of my Streamline Your. Total income. close ad sense account. At that moment I didn’t believe it. I enter a phase of denial, I get angry, I get frustrated. I watch the house of cards collapse and I enter a phase of decay and absolute depression. I won’t deny it, it wasn’t easy to digest. But I am grateful for having lived through that process. I learned lessons that stuck with me. Such as protecting your accounts, diversifying income streams. Exploring other types of different monetizations or creating my own business. (In my case, personal brand), which is what I am doing now).

A good personal brand Streamline Your and dedicating myself

Now for more! Far from throwing in industry email list the towel with the niches, the truth is that I am more diversified than ever, working on creating a good personal brand and dedicating myself in part to teaching (it is something that comes as standard for me and I love teaching) in training. such as BigSEO Academy, SEOWarriors or, recently, Abat Oliba University. In any case, as I say, I’m still full of niches . For example, I have opened a pretty big project that works like a shot with another type of affiliation that I had not tried.

A phase of decay and absolute depression

I am at a point in my life as a USA B2B List professional nicher where I am exploring new monetization options, in addition to Adsense and Amazon, from which I have already obtained a lot of profitability (and which I am still exploiting). I show you last month’s profits from this other project: June income other affiliation In addition, I have continued opening Amazon micro-niches, I have launched some bombshell for Google Adsense that I think will be a big hit in a very short time and the last thing I have in mind to do is… Real-time experiment: I am going to create a thematic niche for Amazon Affiliates with A LOT of potential.