Precision Targeting Product Industry Email Databases

October 18, 2023 By luedh

I really wanted to be able to make Precision Targeting a living from this and forget about dealing with clients , since it burned me out quite a bit and was not in line with one of my main values, which is freedom. infusions niche The meteoric rise and when I really started making money I realized very early on that if I wanted to make real money, I had to invest real money. So at the end of 2018 I joined the Romu Digital Army and started creating websites like crazy. In one year I created more than 50 websites (with the help of my wife) and thank God I achieved the famous passive salary .

Leave you another Precision Targeting one from that same year for Amazon Affiliates

I managed to generate more than €30,000 in 1 year with my niches top industry data and almost €5,000 per month in good months. Here you can see a screenshot of Google Adsense from 2019: google adsense revenue in 2019 And here I leave you another one from that same year for Amazon Affiliates: amazon affiliate income in 2019 I was freaking out, I never thought I would achieve something like this, honestly. I believed I was the king of the world and that in a short time I would be above €15,000 per month without much more effort.

Living from this and forget about dealing with clients

Come on, I didn’t have anything left to learn yet… SEO would USA B2B List soon give me its hardest lesson. The most forceful fall Look, niche income isn’t entirely passive. Many will tell you yes, but trust me: if you want to live in niches and live well, you have to work and stay up to date. And I know this because after making almost €5,000 a month I relaxed a little and my income began to stagnate. Then Covid times arrived and suddenly, from one day to the next, I turn on my laptop, open Gmail and receive an email from Google telling me that my Adsense account is closed .