What is Blended Marketing and what is it for?

October 10, 2023 By luedh

Hello hello! How’s everything going there? Good? I hope so! Really. I’m doing very well, without major variations, without stopping, with smiles and tears (the movie is great, even if it seems cheesy to you), strength and hopes. That’s what I wish for you! With a lot of work, that too. Why am I going to deny it to you? And among that work, a conversation with a client talking about whether it is appropriate to have an exclusively online strategy or a combination of online-offline. But is that possible? (she tells me). Isn’t online what is making traditional not work? And I, with that naughty face I get, look at him and say: [piopialo]“you just gave me a great idea for a post”[/piopialo]. (Carlos, does this sound familiar to you?).

What is Blended Marketing?

In this type of marketing, the two supports complement each other in the task of transmitting messages that generate a reaction from the industry email list brand’s target . By taking the benefits of both , higher levels of segmentation, reach, acquisition and conversion are achieved . Let’s see, eeeem, let’s be honest. In reality it is “[piopialo]sentidi comuni marketing when you have money to invest in both[/piopialo] ” . But she has a cool name… What is Blended Marketing for? Nowadays, consumers are multiplatform , that is, they consume content through both traditional and more innovative media. Therefore, brands must take care of their strategies in both areas. One way to achieve this is with Blended Marketing.

Advantages of applying Blended Marketing

For Blended Marketing to provide benefits to strategies, it is very important to have knowledge of both USA B2B List online and offline media . We must be aware that this type of marketing is a fusion of the two supports, that is, neither should be a complement to the other. In addition, you must work on the same brand identity or message , but adapting it to each medium. If done correctly, the advantages we will obtain will be many: Reinforce the message. Increase conversions Discover new strategies Gain competitive advantage