6 steps to optimally distribute your content

January 11, 2024 By luedh

Are you creating good posts but still not getting the response you want? A lack of content seeding strategy could be the reason. Why you are not seeding your content in a sufficiently targeted manner. In this blog post you will learn what content seeding is all about and get a 6-step plan for your content seeding strategy. Get the most out of your content with our content audit e-book. Including a free content audit template. Click here and download! Table of contents was ist content seeding? Content seeding (from the english (to) seed) is the strategic. Placement of content on the internet . As a central component of content marketing, seeding relies on the interaction of various marketing. Strategies such as online pr, social media or influencer marketing. As well as search engine optimization (seo).

Content seeding process

Function and goals of content seeding it is usually not enough to publish. The content Australia Phone Number Data produced on the company website, as only a fraction of users find their way there on their own. Rather, various touchpoints need to be created in order to increase. Awareness of the content. Where the target people are already getting information. Seeding is based on targeted. Contact with relevant opinion leaders (bloggers, online marketers, journalists, pr managers, institutions, etc.). The aim is to encourage them to publish their own contributions by providing the intended user with added value. Ideally, the content gains viral momentum so that users themselves become multipliers by sharing it (multiplying effects).

Definition of goals You can only achieve success

The core goals of seeding are: increase in reach (traffic) reach new target groups (shares, likes) seo optimization (backlinks) types of seeding the most common USA B2B List distinction in content seeding is between simple and advanced seeding. With simple seeding, the content is only distributed on your own channels or, at most, with the involvement of a small number of influencers. This has the advantage that seeding can be carried out as cost-effectively as possible and without much effort. However, the contributions must be of very high quality and provide real added value for the user, otherwise there is little chance of viral distribution