Ideal Candidate How to Get into the Completo Team

January 11, 2024 By luedh

Vusiness and whether it is. Alexey Begin Ideal candidate: how to get into the Completo team
collected statistical data for us and compiled it into an article . General statistics – demand for Telegram is growing In Russia, Telegram for the first time overtook WhatsApp in terms of traffic volume – its share among instant messengers reached 63%, while WhatsApp’s share decreased from 48 to 32%. The annual growth of the audience of the popular messenger is 40%. In addition, in 2022,¬†We have seen a new wave of popularity quite recently – after the February events, the messenger felt a new rise

Why do people use Telegram

Telegram is among the TOP 5 most downloaded applications in the world, surpassing Special Data YouTube, Twitter and Netflix in downloads. Number of monthly active Telegram users According to the online analytical service Apptopia, 55.2 million people use the Telegram application for iOS and Android every day. In 2022, the number of installations of the messenger on Google Play reached 1 billion for the first time. In 2021, Statista conducted a survey of 70 thousand Telegram users and found out: Most users

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Telegram first appeared

Documents between their devices. 69% of respondents USA B2B List noted that they use Telegram because they consider it the most convenient messenger. Expert comment: When , it was viewed as a regular messenger on a par with WhatsApp or Viber, but not as a platform for development. The best advertising campaign for him was the launch of blocking by Roskomnadzor in 2018. Even then, despite the opinion about the imminent degradation of the service,