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These best practices apply not only to your paid ads, but to your organic posting as well. Improving one will help improve the other, so we recommend working on both strategies at the same time. Capture Attention in the First to Seconds Users can tap or swipe the right of their screens to skip your Stories. And in , the tap forward rate for Instagram Stories was. So here are some attention grabbing tactics that make users stop tapping forward Use Stickers They increase engagement and help people stick around.

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Engagement stickers We like to use engagement stickers like and Countdowns. Speaking of countdowns Use Countdowns These stickers allow you to choose any date and time within the next year for your countdown. Instagram stories for small businesses Users who see it can click the countdown and ask for a reminder. Use A B Testing to Find the Best Graphics & Audiences We start A B testing ads immiately, even with brand new businesses. It’s really Jamaica Mobile Number List the fastest, most cost effective way to figure out the winning combination of creative, targeting, and placements.

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We recently did an in depth post on Facebook ad testing. We recommend you read that next so you can get the most out of your budget. Use Video and Feature Influencers When Possible Video is taking over everything. It’s a fact now, we just have to live with it and adjust. That means making more videos. Start doing that in your Stories and watch your ads fly like the healthy baby birds they are. Influencers help, and you can find an influencer for your budget. Go for nano or micro influencers. Make Use of Engagement Stickers optimize instagram USA B2B List story ads Get Exclusive Marketing Tips Join over , marketers who get exclusive marketing tips that we only share with our subscribers.