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February 27, 2023 By luedh

But for now we just want to point out that even though is usually a long term approach that shouldn’t deter your company from starting the process if your audience is on Google actively searching for what you offer. Social Mia Now as for the social mia service we provid for Mototrax, it’s important to note that you can still target a specific cold audience on social mia. But, it’s not guarante that they’re actively searching for or in ne of your product right then and there when you deliver the ad to them. So on that note, let’s look at the social mia marketing we did for them to see what work.

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We drove over  page likes over thousand video views, and , leads at . per lead, from social ads. digital marketing case studies So how did we do this and what made it work Well to answer the first question, we us specific objective orient ad campaigns to fuel their marketing funnel. We ran a page like ad campaign digital marketing case studies Jordan Mobile Number List that drove Facebook page likes at . per like that’s less than a quarter per like digital marketing case studies We ran a video views campaign digital marketing case studies that drove over K video views at.

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Per video view digital marketing case studies We us the post engagement campaign to boost their posts digital marketing case studies and get over , engagements at . per engagement. digital marketing case studies And lastly, we ran a conversion campaign to acquire over leads at per lead. digital marketing case studies We’ve said this in other posts, but campaign objective selection is important because they’re optimiz by goal. So a video views USA B2B List campaign is going to show your ad to people within your target audience who are most likely to watch your video.