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February 27, 2023 By luedh

This is the match type that replac Broad Match Modifier which is what we us in Royce’s campaign. And then lastly, we have the Exact Match, where your ads will only be shown on searches that have the same meaning as your keyword such as “lawn mowing service” “grass cutting service” So that was our crash course in PPC match types for you. And for this post, we want you to understand that we test out multiple keywords in addition to testing Broad Match Modifier and Exact Match to drive the results we did for Royce’s Chocolates.

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These were the top search ads we us that result in their conversions sending them right to the shop page for the collection of chocolates they were promoting. Now let’s look at a PPC case study for a client from a totally different industry. Summary We us PPC for this client and have generat conversions that result in. in revenue. Case Study  Fox Cities Real Estate Moving on to the next on our list of digital marketing case studies is Fox Cities Home Buyers is a company bas in Wisconsin, USA. They buy Houses pair up sellers with real estate experts, and help Kazakhstan Mobile Number List people with selling their properties. They reach out to us for help with their Google advertising. We scor conversions for them at.

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Per conversion digital marketing case studies which is nothing when compar to the revenue gain by any clos lead in real estate. We follow a similar approach in that we test a multitude of keywords and test them with the BMM match type and exact match type. digital marketing case studies These were the top performing ads. digital marketing case studies All of them address pain points that are relevant to their target market including fast closings, selling USA B2B List your home in days, no fees, and no appraisals. Using verbiage that is eye catching for their target market.