This Way You Can Empathize Well With Your Audience and Their Concerns

April 16, 2023 By luedh

Will work in your favor and boost your content. To turn this to your advantage think about what you can do to generate buzz in the comments section or encourage others to share your content. For starters you can host contests for prizes or engaging experiences. Or you could purposely do something out of the ordinary to get viewers to comment. This is best explained with an example. Let’s take the basketball challenge we just talked about as an example. You can leave someone far behind by dancing with the basketball during the challenge. Yes very random I know.

With this in mind think of virality as a numbers game

Even though it doesn’t seem like Misfit has anything to do with basketball tryouts directly, viewers tend to comment that it sparks discussion in the database comment section. This strategy will help increase the number of comments and encourage the algorithm to further promote your content. Optimal Upload Time Optimal Upload Time Image Source Timing plays a very important role in achieving viral success. Publishing content when most of your target audience is asleep or inactive on social media can instantly kill your content even if it’s really good.

The more content you post, the more likely your page will go viral


To set up successful content businesses and marketers should always research the habits of their target audience beforehand to understand when they are most active on social media for maximum reach opportunities and results. Posting content aimed USA B2B List at teens during school hours, for example, can end up backfiring. Your reach would be much greater if you posted the same content after school. Keep Posting Many times companies and marketers may stop posting content after only a week of hard work and immediately consider their marketing strategy a failure. This is a big mistake. Viruses don’t always happen overnight. Developing an online social media presence takes time and patience and consistency is key to producing consistent results.