Prioritize Customer Centricity Through Digital Transformation

April 16, 2023 By luedh

In previous years, most companies, especially those in the technology industry, were driven by product excellence, and did not focus too much on customer experience.

Now, as previously mentioned, the customer is the driving force of marketing change.

With the increasing use of mobile devices and as technology evolves, customers know which businesses have relevant information and solutions at their fingertips.

Being bombarded with various information every day, customers have shorter attention spans – as short as 10-20 seconds . And as a company, you want to capture and retain that attention.

so how do you do this?

The answer is digital transformation

Instead of brochures and pamphlets, you can turn to email marketing. Adopt new technologies and use digital tools like social media and email, and leverage that data to create a personalized approach to your target market.

Digital transformation allows you to database filter out those who aren’t interested in your business and focus more on those who are. You can now understand why they are clinging to you. Knowing all this helps you improve your marketing strategy to achieve customer loyalty.

In this way, you can provide an unparalleled customer experience, a core factor when it comes to touching emotions to sell your services or products

By being a customer-centric organization, you can provide value through customized solutions. Supports feedback driven strategies to increase sales. Measure and analyze your data so you can generate actionable insights.

 A strong online presence makes all the difference


When the full force of the pandemic hit in March 2020, everyone turned to the internet for almost everything. Global online content consumption rose to 6 hours 59 minutes in 2020, from approximately 4 hours before the pandemic

From entertainment to buying basic necessities, the internet is a bridge between social distancing gaps.

This being said, wholesalers and retailers have all hands on deck to keep their business afloat. They rushed to put their business USA B2B List on the web. For those who already have a website, they improve their website through content optimization.