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Floor. Although his conception of logic – which had the theory of the syllogism as a bastion – was surpass by the approach that in the mid-19th century, l by thinkers such as george boole, augustus de morgan and gottlob frege, was impos, promot with new energy from the fields of philosophical research, it would be foolish to deny the weight it had in structuring the panorama in which this type of research made its way. None other than the great immanuel kant – the königesberg genius who would revolutionize the panorama of philosophy in the 18th century – came to think that after aristotle it was no longer possible to continue developing logic, since, he thought, this knowlge, thanks to the genius of the greek philosopher, was already finish and complete.

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 In the field of ethics, Alasdair McIntyre, an English philosopher with a renown career, a few years ago propos recovering the Aristotelian legacy to confront the onslaught of what he call “emotivism”, a theoretical business database orientation that, progressively, would have been undermining the project. to find foundations that would guarantee the formulation of an ecumenical ethics, giving life, with this, to positions that are situat in the realms of relativism. Aristotelian ethics would contain the keys that would make possible a healthy coexistence in social terms and, therefore, a moral regeneration of our societies .

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 Utopian or not, this is the endeavor that McIntyre pursues in light of the Aristotelian conception. The destiny of brilliant minds is to project themselves into the future and remain as a source of ideas and enlighten inspiration for new proposals. Even though Aristotle has been surpass in many ways, the beacon from which his intuitions, problems, and answers shine, perhaps timidly but certainly USA B2B List persistently, still illuminates us.Taking as an example the experience of our Lima Norte headquarters, the Humanities Department of our Lima Centro headquarters organiz, with great success, the First Literary Creation Contest “UPN Art and Creativity” , which seeks to develop and promote the human and artistic side of our young students.